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Jimmy Au

My Story

I started my real estate journey in May 2020 and have been in Subto since the beginning of its inception. I was fortunate to get my first deal within 2 days of joining. First deal was a property I acquired via subject-to and sold it on owner finance via wraparound mortgage. Since then, I've been building my own business and rental portfolio - now at 8 doors. Through Subto, I've met so many people in different paths of their career and have created lifelong friendships. My strong suits are underwriting, negotiating with sellers, and raising private capital. I've yet to use any of my own money to acquire my rental properties. My weaknesses are organization and implementation. My mind is constantly racing with new ideas I tend to get distracted and not implement any of my ideas. Fortunately, I have partners that love and thrive in the areas I lack (dislike is the more appropriate word). A passion project of mine is to do deals with everyone I meet and also promote the idea that there is more to life than working a 9-5 job and climbing the corporate ladder, especially among the Asian-American culture.

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