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April Juliano

My Story

I am originally from New Jersey where I owned and operated a growing restaurant right outside of Philadelphia. Looking for warm weather and better opportunity I sold my restaurant traveled south to Jacksonville FL. After my second child was born my husband had lost his job and we weren’t sure how we would provide for our growing family. We happened to stumble upon Pace Morby’s YouTube vidoes and decided to go all in on real estate. With hardly any money and a lot of desperation I knew I had to make this work. In our first year I was able to do over 45 wholesale deals! Over the past three years I have grown a small wholesale operation into a successful real estate investing business, including over 20 flips and 18 doors and growing. I primarily focus on marketing and acquiring properties, while my husband, Mark, manages the flipping side of the business. I am an expert at building a business using little, to no, money utilizing time blocking, free marketing, and creative financing. Business aside I come home every day to 3 small children 6, 5 and 3 and will always say my first job, my hardest job, and my favorite job, is being a mom. 

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