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David Gulick

My Story

I quit my job as a Mechanical Engineer at 23 to chase waves and snow around the world. Lifestyle has always been the foundation for major life decisions and so I bartended in high end NYC nightclubs while I began investing in real estate in the early 2000's as a way to create passive income to fund my adventures. I've spent well over $100k on mentors and began in real estate the old fashioned way with d4d, bandit signs, leave behinds, flyering, mailings and a lot of time in the tax assessors office. After building a portfolio of 21 properties I lost it all and had to declare personal bankruptcy in 2011. I like to learn my lessons the hard way!

Fast forward 2020 I found Pace Morby/Subto and began my second journey in real estate. I've again made most of the mistakes (with pride) running a scaled direct to seller business. I've successfully crashed most major texting platforms while running more than 10k sms/day, run a team of 6 VAs, and overpaid for almost every CRM and software available before finding my secret sauce. I'm a 3x mastermind student and my business partner is a mastermind student + subto accountability leader. 

I'm a full time real estate agent/investor based in the Hamptons where I work on the #1 team in the country (Eklund Gomes Team), and a virtual investor with a specialty in creative problem solving. We focus on wholesale (with major hedge fund connections) and buying cash/creative deals predominantly in the southeast. 

STRENGTHS: mindset, KPIs, VA culture, partnerships, direct to seller marketing, systems/processes, raising capital, personal brand and lifestyle.

WEAKNESSES: Everything I let my partner handle! Acquisition, underwriting, paperwork/Transaction coordination and disposition for some reason I can't attach a photo. I'll try to figure that out.

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