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5 Ways to Find a Sub To Property

If you’ve followed me on Instagram or Facebook or you’re part of my creative finance Facebook group, then you know that I love talking about subject to.

Why do I love talking about subject to?

Because with subject to, you can accumulate massive amounts of wealth and a ton of cash flow.

And a question I get asked frequently is how do I find subject to deals.

I talked about this on the first episode of the Hot Top, which you can watch below:

How to Find Subject To Deals

1. Text Messages

Yes, you read that right. Texting is the first step in finding subject to deals, the same way we find our wholesaling deals.

We use, where we do text blasts and then use for our seller outreach and cold calls. We also do a little bit of direct mail and ringless voicemail.

2. Leverage Wholesalers

So you might be reading this blog or watching the video above and saying, “Yo! That’s me, dude! I’m a wholesaler that goes out and gets 50 leads, but I only get one wholesale deal.

“I’m not making enough money!”

We actually go to those wholesalers and say, “Look, we’d be happy to educate you on how to convert these sellers who are asking too much money.”

One of my best performing deals is in Vegas and it came from a wholesaler. The wholesaler told me that the house had no equity, he couldn’t do anything with it, and it was a dead lead.

Guys, my specialty is reviving dead leads.

The deal I have in Vegas makes me $1700 a month and we paid the wholesaler a $5,000 assignment fee that we did sub to.

The wholesaler doubled their conversation by using one of them as a creative finance deal.

I just turned his ‘trash’ into cash.

3. Door-knocking for Sub 2

Very similar to the first, where we use virtual assistants to help us contact sellers.

Door-knocking can’t be done by virtual assistants.

You need to physically go to the door.

We added 45 subject to and seller finance deals by just door-knocking.

Person door-knocking at a home

Door-knocking is huge!

I suggest you download, which is a driving for dollars app and can help with your door-knocking efforts.

It's an unbelievably inexpensive way to go out and get your first deal.

4. Leverage Real Estate Agents

How did I buy my house?

I bought it from an agent who hadn’t sold the property in five and a half months. The seller, Dave, was pissed.