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A House AND an SUV Subto?? One Student’s Success Story Using Creative Financing

Today, I want to share a SUPER cool student success story with you!

My student Shaquae Hughes and her partner Queshaun closed on an AWESOME vacation rental they had been holding for years.

But that’s not all…

They were even able to get an SUV using subject to creative financing!

This means I don’t have to tell my subject to truck story anymore. You’ve heard it - how I was able to use seller finance to sell my Ford F-150.

Now I have a BETTER story to tell - how Shaquae and Queshaun were able to pick up a nearly new SUV, with no money down, by just taking over the owner’s payments.

Check this out:

Subto Student Success Story
Subto Student Success Story
Shaquae and Queshaun's Success Story

This is fantastic! Be sure to post YOUR student success stories in our Subto Community!


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