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Get Your Creative Financing Mailbox Money!

What if you could invest in real estate properties using creative financing solutions and make money at the same time?

I do. And so can you.

In my Subto courses, I teach students how to use these same strategies and techniques so that they can build and sustain a career that is profitable.

That’s how we’re making our mailbox money.

What is Mailbox Money Using Creative Financing?

What the heck is mailbox money?

Mailbox bursting with money

For me, it’s the alert I get on my phone that tells me I have a recent deposit from a property I own.

For my students or for you, that might actually be a check sitting in your mailbox.

I’ve built my business on using creative finance methods, investing in a lot of real estate properties without cash, credit, or showing any licensing.

Every single house I buy uses creative financing; this means I use innovative ways to buy properties that, as mentioned, doesn’t require cash, credit, or credentials.

In some cases, we’ve used seller financing or we’ve bought houses using subject to methods.

For the properties I own outside of Arizona, the profits from those come in the form of AirBnBs. The alerts for my mailbox money are intense sometimes.

The Creative Financing Real Estate Game Changer

If you’re just getting started with real estate investing, a major hurdle is being able to get leads in the first place.

Maybe you’ve already found yourself spending more time on the phone cold calling or driving around looking for leads.

But there’s actually a better method, a game changer if you will, that can save you all of that wasted money and time.

And that’s creative financing.

As mentioned, creative financing is what I’ve used for my business and it’s just one of many strategies that I teach my students.

In fact, my students and I will often team up to work on deals.

We do deals together, allowing my students to send leads to me or to each other that help them close deals.

They get the tools, resources, and best of all, the ability to connect with investors to submit deals.

And depending on the type of deal that’s closing, boom!

There goes your mailbox money alert.

The more deals that are done, the more the alert goes off.

If that sounds too good to be true or too easy, then check out the case study below:

It shows properties that I’ve closed on, thanks to some of my wholesale students who either brought them to me or brought them to their classmates.

Guys, this is how you start getting mailbox money and when you do it in an efficient manner, you can get mailbox money everyday, every hour, and even every minute!

Check out the case study above or better yet, come join me and my students and we’ll show you how to get started so you can enjoy some mailbox money.

If you want to learn more about creative financing, check out my playlist on YouTube.


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