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How SubTo and Creative Financing Can Help A Community

What would you do if you were getting kicked out of your home?

Where would you go?

The average person has too many things going on in their busy lives to consider the answer to a horrible question like that.

But a lot of people face housing insecurity.

About a quarter of Americans say they are facing housing insecurity. And it’s no wonder! With inflation ticking up, wallets and budgets are getting tighter.

Now, there’s no need to worry yet. Even though we’re facing inflation and a possible recession, this isn’t anything like the pain people faced in the 2008 housing crisis yet!

Now, if you’re involved in creative financing, we are playing an interesting game.

People who look to get into real estate investing as a quick way to make some cash and benefit only themselves are going to have a rude awakening here.

In the SubTo community, we have no trouble finding deals no matter the economic climate. That’s because the sellers we work with know that although this is our career and how we provide for our families, we are changing the real estate space by serving people.

I’m not over here closing deals and trying to dominate the real estate space; I work with SubTo community members and we do deals together to help buyers and sellers alike.

To some, what we do with creative financing changes their life. Besides paying people the money they deserve and want, we can save some people from some serious consequences – like foreclosure.

Foreclosure doesn’t just take your home (and all your possessions inside your home) away from you, it also completely demolishes your credit. For years.

Even though we don’t use our own credit as financial investors, we’re helping save other people’s credit! (Who knew creative financing and real estate investing were a game of credit?)

This is what we do here. We’re creating beneficial relationships for buyers, sellers, investors and homeowners.

I saved a call I had with someone I bought a pre foreclosed home from where they called doing a subject to deal a blessing because it save their credit and made it so they could get out of their house and into their next home without being kicked out.

Take a listen here.

Imagine a world where what you do is not only provided for you, but is called a blessing by the people you work with.

That’s what we do here. We teach people how to teach people and help them too.

You know the saying: give a man a fish and he eats for a day? We’re teaching people how to fish and getting people out of hot water.

Isn’t that nice?


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