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How Subto is Changing Lives: A Student Testimonial

When I started the Subto course, I wanted to motivate other real estate investors and entrepreneurs to thrive in this business.

I had done all the mistakes, all of the learning, and one of the things I found was that all of these teachers and gurus and leaders actually didn’t do actual real estate and only taught at a surface level.

That’s why I wanted my course and my teaching to be different and ultimately, I wanted to provide value to those just starting in real estate investing or already investing.

And nothing makes me feel accomplished and proud than hearing from students that have gotten value from Subto.

I absolutely had to share this message from Heather, because it’s so profound and heartfelt, that I didn’t even want to break it up.

Here’s what she had to say and share about being a member of Subto:

“Hi Pace,
This message has been a long time coming. I have a more general message I'll be posting on Subto soon but I wanted to shoot this straight to you because it's more personal. I hope you don't mind the novel. This started out as a text but I'm wordy ;)
I'm tearing up right now because this mentorship is SO MUCH MORE than I ever dreamed it would be. "Let's squad up" and "How can I add value?" are so much more than buzz phrases to me. While I haven't quite done my first deal, as you know I've started inserting myself into a number of deals and avenues like TC and Gator and it's only a matter of time before I get my first win and maybe even a few of them all at once. You have generously used your voice to help amplify me and you have the beautiful ability to bring so much out of people like me who have a hard time speaking up and being in front of people, so opportunities are now being presented to me that were never in my wildest dreams.
I have been in complete survival mode for many years now, and on top of that haven't had any income in the past few months and have a super short runway I'm working with, but so much is on the horizon since joining in February. I want to thank you for being there for me and giving me hope of what is to come in my life and that I have more power within me than I ever realized.
I can't begin to thank you enough for building this community and the insane amount of opportunities you give to us, and the massive amount of time you spend lifting us up, making us much better versions of ourselves. I'm proud and grateful to be a Subto student, a gator lender, and to be in the TC Mastermind (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!)
Heather Witzig and Pace Morby

I had a lot of amazing people reach out to me after the two calls you had me on recently and they said things I'd never heard before like, "you inspired me with your story" and "I read people well and I felt you stood out as a trustworthy person and I'd love to JV with you...and I'll bring the money!". I struggle with self-worth sometimes and am working to rewrite my story. I can tell you, that hearing those words is starting to shatter those limiting beliefs I've held for a long time.
Being a single, nomadic investor is really hard sometimes. I'm far, far away from everyone I know and love and I'm doing this completely alone. There are a lot of days I cry and wonder if I'm crazy for making these sacrifices for my dreams. But the day I signed up for Subto, I didn't realize at the time that I had gained a HUGE family. While I don't know everyone, I cherish the bonds I'm building with many of them and am excited to learn, grow, and help others as they come up. I get off the phone with other students sometimes and dance around because the connection was just too good to be true. I've found my people finally and you are to thank for that.
I know you get a lot of negativity from time to time and the "knuckleheads" wear you down, but the work you're doing in people's lives is straight-up God's work. Please don't ever forget that. The number of people, me included, you are helping to break generational curses is one of your greatest legacies and it's not only a joy to watch as others reach their goals, but I've got some massive goals to crush of my own. I can't wait to build the rest of my story and bring others up along with me! As I get my life more stable and figure out how to step into it, I promise you I will become a leader. I'm quiet and introverted so a lot of this is out of my comfort level but I feel supported here, for the first time.
Thank you sincerely (and thanks to your amazing family who supports you to do what you love every day along with us!)
- Heather "F'ing" Witzig
PS - When I have moments of self-doubt creeping in, I hear your voice in my head saying my name like this to remember who the eff I am!

This is an incredible statement and I appreciate Heather so much for not only sharing this but helping to inspire others in Subto.

I know Heather’s got her first deal visualized in her mind and I have no doubt I’ll be talking about that soon.

Guys, if you want to start changing your life, make more money, and spend more time with your family and friends, then join Heather and me in Subto.

Let's do some deals together!


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