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How the Pace Morby SubTo Mentorship is Like A Marriage

Now, when you first sign up for SubTo, one of the first things I tell you to do is make friends within the community.

It usually starts with around 10 friends and grows from there. And the beautiful thing about SubTo is that you’re not just starting a business, you’re becoming part of a community and bonding with people.

We care about each other’s wins, and we all work together.

I say that our community and being in a business are like being in a marriage: it requires you to learn, change and work together. Lately, I’ve been able to chat with a few different couples in the SubTo community to ask about how SubTo has changed their lives.

At the most recent Mastermind, Yatang and Justin, two SubTo students, let me know what they think about our community. They said:

“Oh, my goodness!

There is no better community on planet Earth.

Yeah, I’ve never thought about a community that is everything we could learn from real estate and way beyond: life, marriage, mindset, business – everything. And the relationship with and the support of this community is just unbelievable!”

The goal of this community is to change lives – but sometimes your life gets changed for the better in ways you don’t plan. Opening any business isn’t easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it. But changing one part of your life can change any part of your life.

Take Dominic and Angie, for example. They said that the SubTo community and course changed every part of their lives..

“It’s mind blowing! It’s amazing.

It’s been mentally exhausting a little bit, right? But that’s because it’s so packed full with great info! I mean, everywhere you go, it’s not just like you learn something and then walk out the room, and it’s like you’re not learning anything.

You’re learning everything!

When you eat lunch, when you’re in the class, when you’re not in the class, when you’re at Pace’s house; wherever you’re at, you’re learning something or you’re doing a deal bc all the people have the same goal and the same mindset.”

This community – this opportunity to be part of something greater – and the bonds we are building are changing us all… and making us rich while we do it!

If you need more convincing, drop into our testimonials page and see how the success of others speaks for itself.


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