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How to buy a home with no money down

Whether you’re trying to get involved in real estate as an investment strategy or trying to get a home for yourself, you’re not going to get very far if you don’t have money.

That’s the problem I’ve been hearing people struggle with over the past few years especially.

The economy has been hard and inflation keeps rising – but I keep trying to tell people that there’s a better way than struggling to save up money to buy a home.

You don’t need a mortgage. You don’t need good credit.

You need knowledge.

I’ve gained my knowledge through trial and error the knowledge on how to not only get into the housing market, but how to thrive in it in any circumstance.

Over the last week, I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina to purchase a 408 unit multi-family complex. Now, how do you think I funded this deal?

Using my own money?

Having my credit reviewed?


Why would I ever use my own funds to get my hands on a property if I can do it without using my own money?

That’s the idea behind a mortgage, right?

The current theory is if you don't have enough cash to get a house yourself, you get a mortgage to pay for the house and then pay the mortgage back. All you need is a down payment.

What do you do if you don’t have money for a down payment of 10-20% like every broker and seller is asking for?

Or what if you have less than stellar credit and don’t qualify for a mortgage? Does that suddenly mean that you stop needing a house?

Not even close.

Instead, you learn a better way. You learn creative financing.

Creative financing works to build investment portfolios, gets you your first investment property, or you can even get yourself into a house for your family now.

The perfect example of how creative financing works can be seen in this house here.

Essentially, creative financing is the way to work with sellers to get them the price for a house that they want, without turning to a bank, without credit and without putting money down.

Our SubTo community helps to find investors to build those portfolios, while encouraging each other on being successful no matter how the world, market, or interest rates change.

For instance, in order to further the education of my student members and others, I added a Must Read Books list.

This week on my Instagram, I added to my Amazon a list of “Must Read Books” to better the lives of every person who wants to self educate.

The one book I couldn’t add to this list of books to purchase is my ebook on how to talk to sellers and overcome their objections to get involved in creative financing.

If you’re wondering if these techniques could work for you, the answer is a hard and responding yes!

Get my ebook for free to see some of my techniques, and once you’ve read it, come join SubTo to put it into practice.


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