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How to Convert Home Sellers on Creative Finance

One of the big questions I always get from my Subto students is how to convert sellers on creative terms, especially seller finance.

Overcoming seller objections, whether it be over price or their lack of knowledge on subject to, subject to mortgage, or seller finance is the final hurdle to getting them to convert.

When it comes to speaking with and converting sellers, there’s a few different ways you can get them to open their minds when it comes to creative terms.

house being sold by home seller on creative terms

Seller Conversion on Creative Finance Solutions

A major difference between subject to seller finance and wholesale is the timeline, where wholesaling can usually take less time than seller finance.

Why is taking longer with seller finance better?

Because you can take your time. There’s less competition with seller finance, you get different questions from the seller, and even the conversion is different.

What makes the conversion better is the ability to push back and negotiate with a seller. Here’s a great example:

You have a seller asking for far more money for their home than what it’s actually worth. That tends to happen a lot and it’s pretty common.

Very simply tell them that you aren’t the buyer for them or that you aren’t a good fit.

This easy and simple answer can actually help reveal what the actual seller’s pain is, which is trying to sell their house for whatever reason.

I’m able to get sellers to convert because I not only understand the pain of the seller, but I can relate to it.

This is crucial when it comes to converting your sellers.

Converting Sellers on Creative Terms

One of the deals I helped a student on was a woman who was moving from North Carolina to Phoenix.

Unfortunately, the wholesaler she worked with had left her a bind, where she had a time limit on her move, but still hadn’t sold her house.

I was able to speak with her, but more importantly, I listened to her story and made comments when appropriate.

I also made sure to reiterate the plan we had for creative terms, so she understood what creative financing options we had for her home.

The roadmap that I follow and what I teach my students to follow is simple and what I do on every call:

Validate and question.

You can see it in action below:

In the call that happens, I validate what the seller says about his family, his new son, and his housing situation.

Then I ask a question and let him answer.

I then validate that answer.

I basically had a conversation with him, as I do with all of the sellers that I talk to. The more conversations you have, the more deals and the more conversions you’ll get.

Remember - “a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

You can never convince a seller to do something against his will; sellers don’t care about your opinion and I have and never will give my opinion to a seller.

Validate your seller’s emotions and feelings, ask a question, let them answer, and then validate that answer.

The more real, genuine conversations you have, the more conversions you’re going to get!

If you’re struggling to convert your sellers or you want even more tips on seller conversions, don’t wait - come join the Subto community for expert advice and support!


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