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How to Find Hard Money Lenders for Your Subject To Deals

Doing creative financing deals, especially with subject to, means you can continuously cash flow, without having to use your own money.

And to do that, you need to use OPM – other people’s money.

Hard Money Lenders are the best way to buy properties without having to use your own money, verify any credentials, or have someone check your banking info.

But where exactly do you find other people’s money?

And why are people just giving away their money to strangers?

So let’s talk about hard money lenders.

What are Hard Money Lenders (HML)?

What exactly is a hard money lender or HML?

Basically, these are lenders who finance a borrower’s secured funds for purchases.

This is a specific type of asset-based loan, which can be issued by a private investor or company and offer a straight-line interest rate without principal payments.

Whenever I do fix and flip deals, I tend to use HMLs as a source of funding, primarily because they aren’t running my credit.

But how do they know you’re worth the risk?

Getting a Hard Money Lender for Subject To

This is a great question, especially for beginning real estate investors – HMLs use promissory notes or the mortgage/deed of trust leaned against the property instead of credit.

Some HMLs might lend you about 85% of the purchase price, some might ask for a down payment, and others will cover the entire 100% of the purchase price.

That’s crazy!

And best of all, HMLs aren’t just for fix and flips.

You can use them for creative financing purchases, specifically subto.

Where to Find Hard Money Lenders.

Because I live in Arizona, I have a great hard money lender that I go to, but I do have students that live outside of my state.

So where do they find HMLs?

The easiest, fastest way to find a HML is…wait for it…


Yep, Google is your friend for the most part and it is simple to run a search.

Just go to Google, enter in your location + ‘hard money lenders’.

Depending on your location, you might find a huge list of lenders or just the first page. is one company I recommend for my students outside of Arizona.

Another source for finding hard money lenders is through social media; in fact, it’s critical when it comes to finding lenders.

Facebook, of course, has a ton of groups that you can join and ask questions to other fix and flippers, wholesalers, creative finance users, etc.

Perfect example – my own Subto creative finance group, which has just a wealth of information from my students and they’re ALWAYS happy to help.

Lastly, Meetups can also be a great place to find lenders, as well as asking others who or where they found their own HMLs.

These Meetups are usually location specific, so if Google isn’t giving you a lot of options, this is the next place to go. The same is true when it comes to social.

If this is your very first subto deal, check out the video below on what is required from lenders:

Guys, using OPM is the best and most efficient way to start getting subject to deals under your belt.

If you want to learn more, why are you waiting? Hit the link and come join the best creative financing community EVER!


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