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Learn How to Land Creative Financing Real Estate Leads

Do you agree that the number 1 barrier for entry into real estate is the cost of leads and the cost of marketing?

What if I told you that we’ve gotten a number of deals using a zero dollar, free lead source?

I’ve tripled my cash flow utilizing this free lead source and we’ve created a case study that explains how.

How to Turn Wholesaling Dead Leads into Creative Financing Deals

I’ve built my entire business on turning wholesaling dead leads into profitable deals; I even used this type of real estate investing to buy the house that I live in.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to real estate or you’re a seasoned wholesaling professional, you can use the strategies and techniques that I and my Subto students are doing.

So what is this magical formula?

What is the Pace Morby secret sauce?

It’s simple - it’s using what I call the ‘missing tools’ that wholesalers should employ, as well as a great community of real estate investors, wholesalers, subject to investors, etc.

Again, I explain it in here in this real world case study:

Here's the introduction video about it:

The Game Changer for Wholesalers and Real Estate Investing

There are seven ‘missing’ tools that everyone needs, in addition to, making their wholesaling business profitable and sustainable:

  1. Subto

  2. Seller finance

  3. Hybrid

  4. Novation agreement

  5. Lease option

  6. Sub-tail

  7. Agreement for sale/land contract

These 7 tools are just a part of at least 15 strategies that I teach to my students.

And these are just a part of the reason my students and I are getting the leads we want and getting the deals we want.

But Pace…if you know all of these secrets, why are you telling people?

Why are you giving these secrets away?

Because when I’ve taken real estate courses or real estate investing mentorships, not only were the instructors not doing real estate, they didn’t have the proof to back up their methods.

Two people discussing real estate

Here’s that other part of why I’m getting these leads and these deals - my Subto students have formed one of the best communities in real estate.

The people that I teach are the people that are bringing me deals.

And we all do deals together, in every state.

I have wholesale students who will come to me or my other students and will assign us their ‘dead leads’.

Using subject to, seller finance, novations, etc, we’re able to not only help them get money, but we get money, and the seller gets money.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

And best yet, we have proof. On my YouTube channel, I have several videos where I show proof of the properties that I own.

These records can easily be found at my local recorder’s office, they all have my company’s name on them, and all of this information is publicly available.

And that’s it! That’s the secret sauce, the secret technique that my students and I use to turn wholesale dead leads into creative financing deals.

Interested in applying these techniques for yourself?


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