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See How Creative Finance Worked for This Subject To Property!

As you guys know, I’m often referred to as the subto guy, but what exactly does that mean?

In essence, I’m able to buy all of my properties through creative finance means and in a lot of cases, through the use of subject to.

That means I don’t use any of my credit, I don’t utilize my own money, I don’t have to pull or turn over my credit reports, and I’m able to close escrow and become the owner.

Watch this video on how I was able to use a subto strategy to get this property in Chandler:

Chandler property bought using creative financing and subject to

I was able to buy this home from the seller, who spent 6 months trying to sell it. The seller tried real estate agents, wholesalers, fix and flippers, even his neighbors were trying to sell this property.

We were able to purchase this home from the seller, using subject to, giving the seller the money needed and taking the property off his hands.

In turn, we get a property that we make between $500-700 a month in profit.

What is Subject To in Real Estate?

The overall idea of subject to take over the mortgage or loan payments for a homeowner, but their name would still be on the mortgage or loan, but not the deed.

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to subject to, with many sellers wondering if such a practice is even legal.

Not only is it legal, but it’s a great way for seller’s to sell their homes and keep a good portion of money, even when there’s no equity in the property.

I talk to a lot of sellers, explaining how the process works, and overcoming any objections they might have.

Creative financing solutions are often the best course of action for homeowners.

6 months it took this particular seller to sell his home before coming to us; I’ve talked to sellers that were in tough situations.

For them, creative financing options – whether it subto, seller finance, or something else – was the best solution for them.

One of the things I teach in my Subto courses is how to use these subto strategies to double, even triple the profits you can get from real estate.

These strategies work with multiple investment styles and work whether you’re a wholesaler, a real estate agent, a fix and flipper, what have you.

If you’re interested in doubling or tripling your real estate investment, it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the business or already doing deals, let us help you grow your business.

Come work with me and my team and let’s go get more leads and more deals!


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