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Stop Waiting for The Economy to Crash – Get Into A House Now!

It's only September, and I'm about to acquire my 1000th property of the year.

That’s great for me and the other members of SubTo because it means our methods work. But for the people out in the world who are trying to own their first home and trying to do it the traditional way, they may never get a house at all.

In fact, 22% of millennials – who are the right age for most first-time home buyers – say they will never own a home. For a lot of these people, homes are just too expensive to ever be able to afford one. For a few other people, the learning curve of figuring out how to buy homes is too steep.

Well, I climbed that hill so you don’t have to.

I’m trying to tell everybody out there that there’s a way easier way to get into your first property. So listen to me when I say creative financing is the way to get a home.

I’ve been doing this for years anyway, but especially with gas prices going up and down, interest rates doing who knows what now and housing prices staying high, everybody is looking to continue living good lives, but can’t afford it.

Put that in contrast to the SubTo members who are getting new houses every week with no money down, no interest, no credit or credentials.

This is the future. Get with it or get out of the way because the SubTo crew is taking over.

The first question people ask me is why anyone would ever even think about selling me their home without any money down, and the answer’s easy – because I’m solving a problem for them.

Anyone who’s had a house sit on the market for days and days is stuck and looking to not only get out of their property, but trying to get out of it ASAP. They want top dollar, but also need out fast.

The problem is that sellers aren’t being taught there’s a better way just like buyers aren’t either. Most people who want to sell turn to real estate agents to list their properties on websites to get them sold.

When agents list these houses, they also want their fair cut, so they list the houses for as much as possible, causing houses to sit forever.

If you sold your house for just a dollar, just about anybody would buy it without a second thought. But if you’re listing your house for top dollar, it may not move – like a lot of houses aren't moving right now.

When you sell your house through seller financing, people will pay your top dollar amount because all that money goes straight into paying off their home instead of going to pay a bank for interest from borrowed money.

Sellers end up making thousands more when they sell through seller financing than if they accept an offer paid by a mortgage.

The same goes for home buyers. You can pay the top dollar amount for a home because you’re not being taxed within an inch of your life for owning a home.

And that’s what we’re teaching people to do in SubTo. Our community members even work together to help each other gain properties either for personal use or for investment purposes.

We’re helping people get paid more and spend less at the same time. Seems like an oxymoron right? The only thing moronic is that people aren’t learning how to do this and how to finally own their first home.

You deserve better and so do home sellers.


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