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Subto or Creative Financing for The First-time Home Buyer

When I talk about creative financing, I’m talking about it from the perspective of a real estate investor.

In fact, the SubTo class I mentor teaches people how to get into real estate investment, as a way to build wealth for themselves and their families. A lot of people who join SubTo start it as a side gig to bring in passive income, but transition to full-time because of the return on investment.

But I got involved in real estate investing because of my dad who was using subject to and seller financing to get our large family into homes that had space for all of us. I even bought the house my family is living in now, using creative financing.

So, there’s something important to be said for people who want to get involved in real estate for their own personal use. Especially if that personal use can evolve to be a great source of passive income in the future.

You probably think that subject to or seller financing are right for people who don’t qualify for a loan, don’t have credit and don’t have credentials – and you’re right. Creative financing is perfect for these people.

But creative financing can be used by anyone – it’s not just for first-time home buyers.

Using first-time home buyers as the example may be an easy way to see how creative financing works though, so we’ll start there.

I made a whole video on home buying through subject to for first-time buyers that breaks it down for you here.

Basically, it all starts with connections. We find the right sellers who are motivated to sell because they’re in distress. Whether they’re being foreclosed on or just need out of their property now, creative financing can help solve their problem quickly and painlessly.

If you start by looking on an MLS (multiple listing service), you are most likely going to find sellers who only want top dollar for their property.

But as the economy shifts a bit, we’re seeing homes on the market much longer and housing prices dropping,

So in this market, you are way more likely to find sellers more than willing to sell well below “top dollar.”

And that’s where you come in.

If you’re a part of SubTo, you know how to get any home under contract, after you connect with the seller. You know how to get the home you want, at the price the seller wants, and make a nice profit for yourself.

If you’re not part of SubTo – and you should be – I can teach you how to meet the seller’s price, while getting the home you want at the same time. It’s a true win-win!

I’ll even show you the most common seller objections and how to overcome them in my eBook “Seller Spells.”

Download my eBook here to find out how to get into your dream home. And if you have any questions, subscribe to my newsletter in the pop-up on the blog to get answers to questions that may pop up for you.

But, for now, start by finding your home. Comp the property the right way – and do the deal!

Pace Out


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