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The Perfect Way to Get Started for Everyone and Anyone

Want to get into creative financing real estate in two weeks flat?

Over the past two weeks, everyone who’s wanted to has had the opportunity to do a challenge to dig deep to find deals as a community.

During this “Elephant Challenge,” we’ve been stomping around on Privy to find and comp properties to add to our portfolios through creative financing. This means that the community has not only been looking for properties to buy with no money down and 0% interest financing, but we’ve been bringing success to every member of the community who has participated.

We do challenges in our community every now and again to get people out of analysis paralysis and show them how to be successful in a very lucrative industry.

This is what we do in the SubTo community – I don’t just tell members to get involved and you have to take my word for it that it’ll work. I lead you through the process of acquiring cash flowing properties step by step.

One member who got involved in the “Elephant Challenge” had this to say about what we’ve been doing together:

I signed up with Privy about a month ago. In some of the recent Privy trainings, there was a lot of chatter about Pace and the SubTo group and challenge that was going on.

So, I sought more info and found a link to the “Elephant Challenge.”

In just two days of watching Pace work his magic… I’m blown away.

The level of caring he shows in what he is putting out for free, the exact step by step methods to get a deal. The patience in answering the same questions over and over again… speaks so much about his character and I’ve got to be involved with him and his group.

I have been working with another mentor that I paid big bucks to work with, but the teaching methodology doesn’t seem to click with me.

Don’t get me wrong, the information this coach provides is amazing. It's just that the delivery of the info makes it difficult for me to grasp the bigger picture. I can tell by stating this challenge that Pace’s teaching style is a much better fit for me.

I have knowledge of the various forms of real estate deals and how to structure deals for any seller… at least, on paper. I have no problem talking to agents, investors, home owners, lenders, etc. and have had many conversations with the above.

I just haven’t gotten a deal yet and that’s what I’m ready to do.”

By issuing these kinds of challenges to every person out there, I’m trying to get every person who’s ready to start doing deals involved. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned investor or green to the industry, there’s room for anyone who’s willing to put in the work and close deals.

I’m trying to cheer you on to the closing table and build a community of people who can work together to be successful, instead of creating confusion and competition like the other guys.

Guys, I want to do deals with you! So, come join my community where we’ll go through everything step by step to get you your first deal.


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