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Watch a LIVE Subject To, Seller Finance, and Creative Financing Seller Calls!

One of the benefits for our Subto students is the ability to hear and be a part of actual seller calls, where I call sellers and help my team and students on how to talk to sellers and close deals.

I’ve done a few of these calls, so students can not only see how I talk to sellers, but can ask questions about their own deals they might be struggling with.

Every call is different, because every deal is different, and every homeowner’s situation is different.

During this live stream, I called a number of sellers as part of some sales training I was doing for my internal team. You can check it out here:

One seller we spoke to had a rental that some of his family were renting on a month to month basis, but he didn’t really want to be responsible for.

He had been discussing creative terms, but then changed his mind. He was then open to using subject to, but again, he changed his mind.

Why did he change his mind?

The simple fact was that the seller didn’t trust my sales guy. Guys, I wrote an entire book on seller objections and the reason they initially object to creative terms.

The seller wanted to speak to his CPA, which is perfectly fine, and I was honest with the seller on the deal, what that would mean for him, and what it would mean for us.

With trust starting to be built, the seller was able to get into why he wanted to sell the property and I was able to open up dialogue about creative terms again.

Another seller wanted an amount that wouldn’t have worked for us.

I was able to negotiate with the seller by telling them that I wasn’t the right buyer for them, but I would talk to my network and see if I could find him a buyer.

In another seller call, I ended up making a partnership with that seller for a fix and flip home he was working on.

A variety of calls, right?

I contacted a lot of sellers that day to show a host of different ways to introduce creative financing solutions to sellers.

Not just that, but also ways to speak to sellers about creative terms and how to overcome any objections they might have.

And more importantly, you’ll hear some in-depth conversations between me and the sellers, which is crucial when it comes to understanding what the seller is looking for.

And that’s it.

Check out the video live stream above and if you want even more seller calls, check out my YouTube channel, like and subscribe.

And if you want to learn how to find sellers and what you need to start calling, come join us and our community!


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