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What's your avatar?

As you guys know, I didn’t start my life wanting to be a real estate investor.

I got into the game when I was a contractor in construction, working on fix and flip sites, and essentially paying for renovations up front.

Then I would get paid back once the project sold.

You've probably heard this story, but essentially this investor ended up owing me nearly a million dollars in back pay and then ended up bankrupting me when they filed for bankruptcy.

And right when my lovely wife was about to give birth to one of our kids.

Turns out, this was the best thing that ever happened to me.

The only reason I didn’t get completely wrecked by this bankruptcy was because all the while I was working as a contractor, I was also wholesaling homes through my Homevestor franchise. But I wanted to break away from that model of doing things because they wouldn’t let me have the control that I needed to grow.

Why did I want more than what I was doing in wholesale already? Why didn’t I lean into the professional part of my life that was already working for me?

Because that’s not me. That is not my avatar.

Real estate avatars are a representation of a personality type and help you realize what your superpower is.

Finding your avatar in the real estate world is what is going to determine the degree of success that you achieve. I’m the type of person who wants to be out there closing deals, talking to sellers and going on calls. I follow a vision I set for myself.

I cannot be successful being stuck behind a desk. That’s not my superpower.

I would classify avatars into 13 different groups, but the top five are:

  1. Visionary

  2. Integrator

  3. Closer

  4. Hunter or Bird Dog

  5. Connecter

People fail in the real estate world because they don’t take action or they have unreal expectations of how long it takes to actually become successful.

You don’t act because you are paralyzed with too many options of what to do and because you’re not playing towards your own strengths.

Ask yourself, “Do I enjoy talking to strangers? Do I have a vision or am I best at executing a vision? Do I look at things logistically, or as a whole? What is the best version of myself? Who do I know, and how can I bring them value?”

Sometimes the avatar we choose is not what we’re best at. If you’ve been grinding out the work and still haven’t found your niche, you may have chosen something that doesn’t work best for you.

So, Pace, how do I know which avatar will suit me best?

That's up to you, but you have to be honest about what it is that you want; not what others want for you.

Having the right mindset is something that my Subto students start with, which makes them look at what they're trying to accomplish by getting into this business.

I know having an avatar might seem weird, but trust me when I say it can be extremely helpful when it comes to moving that needle towards your success.

And if you still need help figuring out yours or if what you've chosen is right, then come join the best real estate investing community ever where we talk about these avatars extensively and connect you to folks that guide you through the process.

So, what’s keeping you from being super?


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