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Why Build Community with Creative Finance Investors?

How do you build community within real estate investment?

Real estate is a complex industry, with a lot of moving parts, and a lot jargon to know and understand.

For a lot of real estate investors, they’re often doing deals by themselves; this means finding the leads, the wholesalers, the fix and flippers, and other investors.

Something my team and I absolutely believe in is collaboration over competition.

That means working with other investors, other wholesalers, other fix and flippers – basically, the people who are looking for the same deals you are.

When you network with others, you’re helping to build a community with other real estate investors or what I call building a community of leaders.

Through collaboration, not only do my Subto students end up partnering with each other for deals, they’re learning from each other.

They discuss the deals they brought them success, as well as the troubles they went through on particular deals. These discussions help to grow each student as they get further into real estate investing.

This is particularly great for beginning investors, as they become creative finance investors, learning more about subject to, seller finance, and creative financing options.

Why Build Community in Leadership

The reason why I teach these courses, I put on the live calls, and I do the walkthroughs of the property deals is because I want to build a community in leadership with my students.

While leveraging creative finance through sub to or seller finance is great, the ability to be successful and further grow your business takes more than just the deals.

When you start building a community of leaders, those leaders will go out and share their knowledge with others, who go out and share their knowledge with others, and so on and so on.

This creates a network of creative finance investors who are leaders and mentors, that help to empower beginners and foster an environment of collaboration. And when you collaborate, you begin to partner with awesome people who can support and help you if needed.

When I started Subto, I wanted to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs and investors and I wanted to build a community of creative finance investors who would also grow to be leaders for others.

Having a community that connects, supports, and helps you along the way has far more benefits and better outcomes than going it alone.

And when you have a community where everyone is a student and everyone can be a teacher, that’s an environment where learning new ideas, new approaches, and new techniques is great for everyone.

Want to see how to build a community while also investing in real estate?


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