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Buying a Car Through Subject To

I’ve mentioned that everyone tends to think of me as the ‘creative finance’ guy because of the deals I’m able to do using creative financing.

By now, you’ve probably heard about my F-150 truck that I sold using seller finance. In a nutshell, I used seller financing to sell my truck for the amount I wanted.

Not only did I get the money I thought the truck was worth, but I was able to help someone out, who needed a car, without the hassle of a credit check.

While I’ll use seller financing or subject to for my real estate deals, I’ve discovered that creative financing can be used for other things.

How to Buy a Car Subto

I actually do get asked what else can be bought using subto.

And my answer, in this case, is a car.

I recently bought a Kia through subject to. The original owner had bought the car but ended up having some medical issues that prevented them from continually paying off the car.

So, I told the owner that I would take over payments on the car.

Now I have an additional car that my friends can use when they come into town. I could even sell the car if I wanted to. And after I’ve paid everything off, the title of the car gets put into my name.

That’s crazy.

And I can’t really take credit for this – one of my Subto students did this exact same thing on a deal.

She and her partner locked up a home using subject to and while they were doing the deal, the seller’s spouse had a SUV they weren’t using and ended up selling through subto.

Let me say this again – one of my students got a house and then got a car on subto. On the same day.

Subject to is one of the most effective ways to get assets.

For example, a teenager could get a car subto and then do something like Door Dash or Uber or some other transportation service to help pay for those payments.

Creative financing is such a lucrative opportunity for people to get the assets they want and need, while also providing a service to help others.

That’s the power of creative financing.


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