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How I Got 300 Doors with 100% Creative Financing

A big perk in my business is being able to meet with people and hang out with others in the business or anyone who’s interested in creative financing.

I recently sat down with Dave and Brandon from the Bigger Pockets Podcast and had an awesome time, as I do every time I get to talk to these guys.

You can check out the episode below:

We talked about a huge range of subjects, including:

  • How I got started as a contractor before jumping into real estate investing. If I can do it, YOU can do it!

  • The top 5 most common boogeymen new real estate investors have about subject to financing. You’ll never have any of these 5 common worries ever again after you listen to this interview!

  • Outsourcing your business so you don’t have to drive every deal. This is how you can spend time with family & friends while making that mailbox money!

  • Structuring a subject to deal and how to overcome the most common of seller objections. Learn how to dispel these seller spells with investor incantations to save time and make MORE money!

  • How to find subject to deals. Stop killing yourself by doing it yourself and instead leverage delegation by going virtual!

  • How to meet other creative financing investors. Build a creative finance community so you can partner for more deals, more leads, and most importantly - MAKE MORE MONEY!

  • How to grow your brand through social media. Want leads? Social. Looking for deals? Social. Need a partner? Social. Leverage Facebook and Facebook Groups to get more leads, deals, resources, and more!

  • And much more!

If you haven't heard about the Bigger Pockets podcast, Dave and Brandon help to simplify real estate investing for beginners and anyone currently investing in real estate.

Both Brandon and David have written books on doing real estate investing, so they know their stuff, but as we all know – there’s always more to learn.

Like I said, sitting down with these guys is always such a pleasure, especially when we can all share our experiences in property investment with others.

Check out the video above and be sure to check out the Bigger Pockets YouTube channel.

If you want to see more about what I do, check out my YouTube Channel and be sure to join our Subto community if you want to learn more real estate investing, creative financing, subject to, and more!


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