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How Pace Morby grows his net worth while others lose money in a recession

You need to be careful with how you spend your money over the next year.

We’re in a recession; there’s no question about it. Inflation is hurting normal people every day. It’s also tough on business owners.

Recessions can be tough on investors, as traditional methods of financing through mortgages and bank loans become more difficult to maintain. However, smart investors know that a recession can also present opportunities for those who are willing to think outside the box and use creative financing techniques.

How to Use Subject to in a Recession

Let’s start to grow your net worth during a recession with "subject to" financing.

This is a technique where the investor purchases a property "subject to" the existing mortgage, rather than obtaining a new loan from a bank or other lender.

This can be a powerful strategy during a recession, as banks and other traditional lenders are hesitant to provide financing during difficult economic times like now. That’s why we see interest rates so high right now. It makes it impossible for businesses trying to get into real estate because you have to have a huge amount of cash available to invest.

By using subject to, the investor is able to purchase properties that aren’t available otherwise, and at a lower cost.

How to Make More Money with Owner Financing in a Recession

Another way I’m able to grow my net worth during a recession is through the use of owner financing. This is a technique where the owner of a property agrees to act as my bank to sell their property, rather than obtaining a loan from a bank or other lender.

Owner financing is so powerful during a recession because it allows me to purchase properties no matter the cost and with more flexible terms. This can mean avoiding high-interest rates and fees associated with traditional bank loans.

As long as I do my comparisons and property can cash flow, it doesn’t matter how much I pay for it. I may money and so does the seller.

How to Use a Recession to Your Advantage to Help Others

Now, the reason I push creative financing so hard is because it helps people.

My ultimate goal is to help others.

By using creative financing techniques, I can purchase properties at a lower cost and then rent or lease them to others at a more affordable rate. This can be a valuable service during a recession when many people are struggling to find affordable housing.

It also lets me help people get out of bad situations, especially during recessions. If people are losing their jobs and may lose their homes, I can help them. If people want to move, but can’t sell their homes because no one’s buying or can afford to buy, I can help them.

Even if people want to buy a home, but can’t afford it, if I use subject to the right way, then I can allow a tenant to purchase the property from me over time through owner financing.

Recessions can be tough on everyone.

But for those willing to think outside the box and use creative financing, hard economic times also allow you to grow your net worth and help others.

You need to be careful how to spend your money because, in a recession, money is tight.

You can be one of the few who, like me, make money and can help others survive a recession, instead of waiting for the economy to hit them. And you can do that by learning and applying creative financing right now.


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