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How to Grow Your Net Worth in a Year With Real Estate

This is a weird time in our country.

In my home state of Arizona, we’re seeing the housing market cool at record rates. Where the market used to be on fire, it’s not slowing down. People hear talk of a recession – or maybe an oncoming recession – somewhere in the future and they start to get cold feet.

They make fewer investments and are more cautious with their money.

Now, I’m all for being smart with your money, but I don’t think holding onto it or spending it without being informed is ever a smart thing. There are people out there telling you what companies to invest in, what stocks will be doing, where to find deals, etc.

I believe in continuing your education, but with a million different voices screaming into the void, you start to wonder who’s actually right and what techniques actually work. I say that the people who are right are the ones who have a track record of applying their own advice.

If I were trying to get you into real estate but had no success to show you, would you believe me? No! You’re smarter than to believe a con man.

Now, a tried and true way of building your wealth and net worth anywhere in the world has always been in real estate. It’s almost like people need shelter to live or something…

Now, the traditional problem with real estate is that you need money to make money. Most of us think that real estate investing is a rich man’s game. I’m trying to tell you that it’s not. Whether you already have money to invest, or you’re trying to make extra money to be able to invest in the future, creative financing can get you building your net worth within a year.

It’s true that it does take a lot of hard work and a little time, but you can start right now. Heck, there are people I know in the SubTo community who make returns on their creative financing portfolios the same week they join!

This is because when you invest in real estate through creative financing, you can get your hands on real estate without any money down, zero percent interest and financed without a bank over decades.

This is what I do all day, every day and I dare you to Google my net worth. The SubTo community does the exact same thing I do and there are a million different success stories from people who have learned to grow their net worth without having their own money to invest anyway.

Don’t be deceived by people who are old and making money because of their family’s wealth; in our circle, we’re the game makers that are growing our wealth for our families and building up a community of investors who work together. We even have people who still look like they’re in their teens who have a higher net worth than I ever did before I got involved in creative financing.

I want this same kind of success and financial stability for everyone – that’s why my ebook on creative financing techniques is free! – but true wealth is going to come from putting your head down and grinding out the work.

Guys, if you’re looking to build your net worth and don’t know where to start in real estate investing, why are you waiting? Come join the best real estate investing community and let’s go make some money!


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