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How to Overcome F.E.A.R in Creative Financing Real Estate

One of the things Richard speaks about is fear, or rather FEARS, and how they stop us from doing the things we want to do in life.

The way Richard describes it, FEARS is an acronym for a group of things that keep us from finding success:

  • F – the fear of failure

  • E – the fear of embarrassment

  • A – the fear of abandonment

  • R – the fear of rejection

  • S – the fear of success

Here’s a great video of him breaking each of these down:

Everyone goes through these fears, even me, and it’s probably one of the biggest things that keep people from achieving their goals.

For me, I had the fear of success; and I know, that sounds weird because why would people be afraid of succeeding?

When we think about success, we don’t really think past what happens when we actually succeed and what that means.

The thing with fear is that it masquerades as other things. These can be talking to sellers, reaching out to buyers, negotiating contracts, whatever.

When it comes to creative financing, these are understandable fears for both beginners and seasoned real estate investors.

But once you understand that you have these fears, how do you overcome them?

How do you get past fear so you can achieve the goals and purpose that you set out to do?

How to Overcome Your FEARS in Creative Financing

The number one hurdle to being successful is your mindset.

You have to be in the right frame of mind to do anything in life, which means you have to know and understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Once you’re in the right mindset, the next thing you should do is find people and support to help you in your business. Here are my top 4 places to find that help:

  1. Join my Subto course and interact with my students

  2. Join our Facebook group, which is very active to find people and ask questions

  3. Watch Sunday Service, which is hosted by myself and my partner Cody

  4. Watch Wholesale Hotline, which is hosted by myself and my friends Jamil Damji and Brent Daniels

All four of these places offer not just professional advice, but advice from people who are doing creative financing in real estate, who are partnering with each other, getting deals, etc.

Having support can also help bolster you, mentally and emotionally.

And that helps to put you in a better mindset so you can overcome those fears and build your business the way you want it to be.

That’s it, guys. That’s how to best overcome the fears you might have growing in this industry.

Make sure you check out the spaces above and check out my YouTube channel to get more valuable information or if you wonder if Subto is for you, then hit this Fast Pass and let’s go!


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