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How to Text a Motivated Seller for Creative Financing

“Talking to sellers is terrifying!”

For some of my Subto students, that statement is just a fact of being in this business and the thought of speaking to sellers is scary.

Here’s the thing – talking to a seller isn’t a terrifying experience and it really shouldn’t be.

The great thing with speaking to sellers is there are other ways to contact them without having to call them on the phone or physically go to their homes.

You can text them.

How to Text a Motivated Seller for Creative Financing

Texting a seller is a great way to learn more about their situation without having a face to face. This is also a quicker and sometimes easier way to communicate.

If you’re used to doing cold calls, you be thinking “Pace, texting is so impersonal! Isn’t it better to call?”

Here’s the thing about texting – as of 2022, 98% of US adults have a device that can send or receive a text. Not to mention, there’s over 272 million smartphone users.

And on top of that, 95% of text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes.

Considering that homeowners are probably getting thousands of calls about their house – whether it’s interested buyers or the bank – so they’re not jumping to answer the phone.

Most people will answer a quick text message than a phone call.

But how do you text a seller in the first place?

How to Text a Motivated Seller – Step by Step

First thing you should do is sign up for BatchLeads.

It’s the easiest and fastest way to not only locate motivated sellers, but their contact info so you can get in front of them.

Once you’ve created your account and are logged in, you’ll be able to find text messaging under your account profile.

You should already have a balanced amount, which you can add to at any time, depending on the number of texts you’re sending.

The cool thing with BatchLeads is you can start a real estate list from the available properties that you find on the site and then upload that list.

Cody and I did a quick video with BatchLeads that walks through using their platform:

Let’s say you don’t use BatchLeads – even though you should, why wouldn’t you? – you can still send out text messages to sellers.

A good rule of thumb is to not use a personal cell phone number. By that I mean, get a number – like Google Voice or CallRail – that you can use as a contact for sellers that then forwards to your personal number.

As our video highlights, you should also have a text template – several, actually – so that you don’t sound like a robot when you contact people.

A perfect text message is something like,

“Hey there, Marcus. My name is Pace Morby and I’m interested in properties in the [zip code] area. Are you interested in selling your home located at [address]?”

This is short and quick, but you can also change it to reflect on the actual property you’re interested in.

And that’s it – it’s really that simple to just send out a text – or 20 – to the sellers you want to and if they’re motivated to sell, you can bet they’re more than happy to speak with you.

If you’re running into seller objections, then check out my free ebook so you know how to counter those.

And if you want more support, tips, advice, leads, and deals…then come join us at Subto and get those deals going!


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