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How to Turn Dead Leads into Deals When Sellers Want Too Much Money

The way I built my business has been using dead leads from wholesalers, realtors, and flippers and turning them into profitable deals.

Guys, even my own house I bought with no money, no credit checks, and without any credentials.

I’ve already talked a lot about how and why creative financing can be so beneficial to both the homeowner and us, as real estate investors.

But what if you find yourself with a potential deal, but the seller is asking for way too much money?

If you’re a wholesaler or a fix and flipper, you already know how hard it is to find leads.

In many cases, a seller wants far too much money for their property, usually finding their price on Zillow and asking for that or higher.

So what do you do?

Well, luckily for you, I did a case study on a deal - a few deals actually – on how to use the same techniques I did so you can grow your business the same way.

How to Turn Dead Leads into Deals

Let’s get this out of the way – traditional wholesaling is becoming an outdated model.

If you’re wholesaling real estate, you’re probably getting 10 leads out of – let’s say, about 100 leads.

The other 80 or 90 leads wholesalers get they consider trash; but here’s the thing – they actually aren’t trash.

Real Estate Wholesaler Trash/Dead Leads

These 80 to 90 leads are what I have been using to build my business. That isn’t to say my team and I don’t work with the other 10, however we do work more on those ‘trash’ leads.

If you’re just wholesaling, you’re missing out on a lot of real estate opportunities.

I have 15 different methods and techniques, what I call the missing tools, of how you can use creative financing to turn dead leads into deals.

I teach these same methods in my Subto course and my students get a ton of knowledge, support, benefits, and more like:

  • Proven methods that show wholesaling isn’t enough

  • An awesome community to do deals with

  • Ability to help themselves, their family, other wholesalers, and sellers

And using these same methods, I’m able to get deals when a seller is asking for too much money.

Here’s a great example:

I had a seller in Vegas who had bought a house for $288K. He ended up getting a job opportunity, but in Denver, so he ended up having to sell that house.

He gets a real estate agent, who tries to sell at $310K.

Guys, you know that when you sell through a realtor, after all the commissions and fees, this seller would’ve actually had to pay $10,000 to sell his house because he didn’t have any equity.

He ended up firing the real estate agent and was approached by a few wholesalers, who were only offering him between $220K and $240K for the house.

One of my students, Dylan, actually brings me this deal, explains the situation and I talk to the seller.

Not only do I tell the seller that I can buy his house, but I can buy his house at the $288K that he had originally bought it for.

Pace, what?

After a realtor and a couple of wholesalers couldn’t sell this house, I was able to buy this house from the seller, at the price he asked, and turned it into a profitable Airbnb.

That’s one example, but it’s not the first and it’s not the last deal that I’ve done where I’m able to solve a seller’s problem without having to shell out my own money.

Guys, if you’ve just been wholesaling and you aren’t getting the deals or the leads you want, then what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with my team, become a part of the best real estate investing communities ever, and let’s go!


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