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How You Can Benefit From Lending Without Any Cash in Hand

Not everything you want will be easy to get.

In fact, I argue that anything worth having is worth working for. Most people work and save up for things they want until they have the cash they need to get what they want.

Now, if it’s something vital that you can’t live without – like food or housing – you can’t just work and save up until you have what you need; most people I know who are working for themselves and their families aren’t going to put their families out on the street until they can afford a house.

So, you turn to the banks to get the money you need. They give you the money you want, but it’s on their terms about how you pay it back.

In some very rare cases, you may be able to negotiate down things like interest rate or length of carry, but it’s usually based on your past behaviors. Things like past mortgages, payments on time and credit scores that determine how much, if anything, banks will give you and how they’re willing to work with you.

You do what you have to do and banks have consumers in such a chokehold that this type of behavior is not only considered normal, but safe.

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, anytime I’m pinned down to only one choice of being homeless or accepting money on someone else’s conditions, it’s not necessarily a safe option. It’s predatory.

That’s why I got into creative financing in the first place. I saw that people and myself needed more options to get things they needed for everyday life, like cars and housing.

That’s why I recently announced on all my socials that I will not be doing any deals that aren’t subject to, seller financing or other forms of creative financing any more.

However, the world runs on money. You still need funds from somewhere, sometime in creative financing. That’s why we’ve got Gator Lending.

Gator lending is a form of lending where someone with a resource brings it to the community and we negotiate terms that are beneficial to both parties. Most often times the resource is money.

Gator lenders bring money to work and close deals and we get the money from closing deals. Everyone gets paid, and money doesn’t even touch the already rich banks.

It benefits our sellers, the lenders and the investors.

I explain more about Gator Lending here, and will be launching a new method of Gator Lending later this week.

Anybody can be or use Gators Lenders, but the easiest place to find them and work with them is in the SubTo community. We go over how everybody gets a piece of the pie and how everyone can benefit.

Stop giving your money away to banks. Start learning tactics that will change your life.


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