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Reddit for Real Estate Investing

Guys, when I tell you there are deals everywhere I mean it.

Sometimes these deals come from people you know. Sometimes they come as a referral out of the blue. And sometimes they come straight off the internet.

Real estate investing is like any other kind of investing because it feels so intimidating at first. But it’s really like a muscle and the more you use it, the more you gain.

Real estate investing may be even safer for beginners because it puts an asset in your hands right now, instead of throwing your money into space.

But any investing revolved around research. I know, I don’t want to be browsing the web any more than anyone else – in fact, I hate it! Someone hands me a cell phone to make some calls – but, you can understand a lot more about the market if you talk to people.

That’s where websites like Reddit come in.

In the SubTo community, we talk to each other on our Discord channel and on Facebook. Reddit is like a giant Discord channel for anybody to jump into. It’s a place to swap ideas and network.

There are breakdowns of what’s happening in the market, what to expect, what’s changing in local markets, discussions of risks, trends to look out for and outside perspectives. Heck, you can even see someone’s exact thoughts on whether to buy or hold on to a home in Phoenix right now.

You can find a niche for anything if you know where to find it.

Some Reddit pages for real estate investing are:

Now, looking for this kind of info can only help you. It never hurts to get more info before making a jump. However, take everything you learn with a grain of salt. Anyone can contribute to a conversation on Reddit – that’s a good thing and a bad thing.

Getting a fresh pair of eyes on something is awesome. Getting inexperienced eyes on something is not awesome. Reddit is awesome for general legal and tax questions. It’s a good way to network and see upcoming events where you can get your feelers out. But for private strategy sessions, we have the SubTo family.

In our community, you’re assigned to regional accountability groups that can help you in any situation and cheer you all the way to the closing table. They know your market, your situation, the resources available and how exactly to help you.

So, whether you’re trying to get your feet wet in the real estate world or you’re a seasoned investor looking to scale your business, there are so many tools available to help you. You can try your hand at it alone, or you can join the family and see the difference.

The choice is yours.


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