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The First Three Steps to Take When Buying a Home

Owning a home can cost you more money up front, but is usually a better investment than renting.

This principle has been proven more and more but especially within the last year. Even with the price of homes skyrocketing, dropping back down and stabilizing, most people know that if you invest in something that gives you equity, it’s worth it in the long run.

So, if you’re trying to get into a home for your own personal use or to invest in real estate, here are the five major things I’d tell you to do to get you into the right place right away.

1: Find the right seller

“Location, location, location” – it’s old hat and well known in real estate.

Finding the place that has the right location, features and amenities means nothing if you can’t get the owner to sell you the property.

Some sellers are asking for more money than you think you can afford to pay – or than a bank is willing to lend to you through a mortgage.

That’s why I tell people to only ever acquire properties through creative financing. If you do your comps and come out on top, you can afford the price the seller is asking for. It doesn’t matter if a bank thinks it’s too high if you comp right and have the funding. That brings me to step two…

2: Get the funding

And I don’t mean the traditional way.

The two main objections I hear about creative financing are that it can’t be legal and no seller would let you buy property through reactive financing.

Firstly, not only is creative financing – like seller financing and subject to – legal, but we’ve actually had SubTo community members go to court to show that what they are doing is legit. The documents and methods we use have not only won their cases, but they’ve come out on top every single time.

Now, why would sellers want to sell their houses to buyers who use creative financing? Because it’s so easy for them. When we buy homes for personal use or investment purposes, we’re buying from people who have a pain point that only we can solve. We aim to serve our communities and make sure everyone including ourselves and the sellers profits from the transaction.

If you need more convincing, listen to what one of my sellers had to say.

Not every person who wants to be in a house has a couple grand to drop on a dime. So, for the funding to make an initial payment to our sellers, we turn to our private group of investors within SubTo. They have our same values and know how we operate.

Not only do they fund projects to benefit themselves, our sellers and the buyers, but they can get you funding without a credit check, credentials and the high interest rates banks use.

Doesn’t that sound easier for everybody involved?

3: Get the contracts

This may be one of the more important things. If all your papers are in line and everything has been checked and looks good, you can really get a home into escrow right away.

Part of the problem with buying a home is that you pay a lot of people to do a lot of paperwork. BUT your solution is through SubTo! These documents are important to make sure everything’s kosher, but members of SubTo get access to my documentation that I’ve used on countless properties – at no cost.

I give it to you to help you help me. I want people to be successful and learn how to invest and buy homes so we can work together. The larger this amazing community is, the more amazing things we can do.

So, if you’re looking to buy a home for any reason in the near future or you’re looking to start making good investments instead of okay ones, come join us in SubTo and get access to the resources that thousands of people across the country are paying millions for.


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