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The last SubTo Mastermind: What is it, and is it really worth the cost?

What do you call it when a group of like-minded individuals come together to share knowledge, experiences, and resources for mutual growth and success?

At Mastermind, we create an environment that allows you to surround yourself with success, by fostering collaboration, brainstorming, and support for your business with people who have the same drive and ambition you do.

The concept of Mastermind has gained serious recognition recently because of the impact it has on people both personally AND professionally.

For real estate investors, joining a Mastermind specifically tailored for your industry can give you the insights, resources, and opportunities that you’ve been missing to significantly enhance your chances of success.

We’ve talked a little about what a Mastermind means in the SubTo community in the past, but I figure it’s more meaningful to get the hard facts and hear experiences from people who have actually been to a Mastermind and seen the changes it made to their businesses and their lives.

Understanding Mastermind

The guy who coined the term "Mastermind" was Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich." What Hill called a Mastermind refers to the coordinating knowledge and effort between people who work towards a definitive purpose in harmony.

The idea of collaborative networks has been around forever, but because real estate investors understand that their friends are also technically their competition, it’s only been in the last few years that true collaboration among industry peers has taken off in a meaningful way. And to that, we say - AMEN! Competition can fuel creativity, and rising tides raise all ships.

Being part of a Mastermind can not only give you the benefits of diverse perspectives from other successful real estate professionals, it can help you access the collective wisdom, accountability and relationships you didn’t even know you were missing that are holding you back.

At the Masterminds we hold in the SubTo community, we share resources and connections made within the group – including the resources I use to help my own business continue to grow. But not everyone in the room is a seasoned professional. Some Mastermind attendees are BRAND NEW TO THE COMMUNITY and they have a leg up on even the most experienced investors who don’t attend.

We all know real estate investing isn’t a walk in the park.

The industry is complex and involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental, or sale of properties with the goal of generating profit. While it is a lucrative business when you know what you’re doing and you are a responsible landlord, a lot of investors don’t understand what they’re signing up for when they first start out.

Market changes, financing constraints, legal complexities, and a lack of knowledge and experience pose some serious issues to the inexperienced investor.

So, are you just supposed to figure it out as you go and let your tenants pay for your mistakes?


You can be a responsible landlord, a successful investor AND make a profit all at the same time if you have the right starting point that leads to success. That starting point is Mastermind.

You’ll get the chance to:

  • Network with other investors who have access to off-market deals, industry connections, financing opportunities, and reliable service providers.

  • Collaborate with connected investors with a broad network of potential partners, mentors, and industry experts.

  • Hear and apply my best practices, learn from each other's accomplishments, and gain insights on proven strategies that work not only in today’s market but in every market.

  • Fine-tune your own approach and increase the likelihood of success without making the mistakes every investor without guidance inevitably makes.

Mastermind for Experienced Real Estate Investors

Experienced real estate investors can leverage the power of collective intelligence within a Mastermind group by gaining fresh perspectives on their existing investments or exploring new avenues for growth.

SubTo’s Masterminds attract influential figures in the industry and allow them to contribute to the conversations. This means you can analyze trends early on, share market research, and collaborate on efforts that can potentially be lucrative investment opportunities that Would not be available otherwise.

Case Studies: Success Stories of Real Estate Investors at Mastermind

That’s enough of taking my word for it.

Success stories of real estate investors who find their break at are all around.

Justin T. and Ted M.

Justin and Ted met at the Mastermind in August 2021. They connected about current projects they were working on and exchanged contact info.

Ted was heading into a rehab project and Justin wanted to get his hands dirty, so he was happy to give any advice Ted needed. Then Justin helped Ted with a virtual rehab project FOR FREE… just to help out a colleague.

Then Ted and Justin found themselves on the phone near daily for advice on current projects and to get more insight into exit strategies. That fostered a relationship that led to them working leads together because they had an abundance of leads they could NOT get to on their own.

Then they JV on a creative deal in Atlanta.

Then another in Naples Florida.

The energy was going and they were able to bounce complex creative deals off each other, leading them to where they are now.

Now, Just and Ted decided to bring their teams together and combine their businesses and now own over $3 million in assets together.

“Our business is to generate $50-100,00 a month, give or take .. We’re really just looking to build up together.

But (Ted) has his own business and side projects and I have my own side projects.”

This team is killing it and are bringing in hundreds of thousands a month on top of the thousands they already make because they took a chance on Mastermind.

Kent H.

Kent’s said about Mastermind,

“(Mastermind) was life-changing in a few ways. I met people who I’m doing joint ventures with on real estate deals.

The 'hot seat' taught me to commit to one responsibility (i.e., capital raising) with clarity and an action plan leaving the Mastermind.

I've since raised $1M from private money partners so far and am trying to deploy it as we speak!"

Eddie M.

The people who come to Mastermind not only profit from it, but also go on to help other Mastermind students in the future, helping everybody win.

“The Masterminds have made us thousands by connecting with students that want to take the next step in investing into their relationships, strategy, and growth.

This is a 20/10 recommendation.

If you are on the fence, I get it. But when you are ready, do it. The hot seats, the speakers, and the networking is invaluable! We partnered with two Mastermind students: Ted M. on our first virtual Triple Digit Flip, and then again with Justin T. on a Wrap! Don't sleep on this!”

These experiences should show you that embracing collaboration, leveraging networking opportunities, supporting accountability measures, and setting clear goals doesn’t just help other people – it can help you right now, too.

These tangible lessons will equip aspiring or experienced investors with actionable strategies they can apply within their own investment approaches.

So, does it seem worth the cost to you?

By being part of a Mastermind, investors get broader networks, fresh perspectives, guidance, accountability, business opportunities, and overall increased chances for long-term success.

Regardless of their experience level, all real estate investors can benefit from participating in a Mastermind.

Whether you join us for the last Mastermind you’ll see from SubTo, or start your own accountability group, the insights and resources you’ll gain are invaluable.

And because this is the last Mastermind I’m hosting in SubTo, this might just be the spark you’ve been waiting for to get your real estate game off the ground.


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