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Unforgettable Weekend, Unforgettable Mastermind, and Unforgettable Value: Subto Mastermind 2022

Guys, one of the best things I look forward to during the year are the Masterminds we put on.

These Masterminds bring together some of the best minds, both as speakers and as students, to share insights and info on how their business success.

Our Subto Mastermind March 2022

What is a Mastermind and Why is it Helpful?

I know what you’re thinking – Pace, what is a Mastermind?

For me, a Mastermind is a 3-day event that brings together experts within our industry to speak on their professional success.

This isn’t just a seminar where my Subto students just sit and listen.

These Masterminds are to help students understand the business better, get answers to their questions, and meet those experts.

I meet with each student, doing a deep dive on their personal business goals, what challenges they’re experiencing, and ultimately, how I and others can help them succeed.

Each Mastermind is different – sometimes, I’ll take participants on property deals, sometimes we’ll discuss platforms or software, sometimes both.

Basically, whatever challenge students are having, becomes a topic for one of the event days.

The main goal for these events is for you to get value – I want people in our industry, my students, my followers, whoever, to get value from what I’m talking about and teaching.

If you watch my YouTube videos or follow me on social, then you know I always want to pass along value that will help someone in their journey.

Speaking at this month's Mastermind

Because, in turn, that person will impart something valuable to someone else and so forth and so forth.

My Subto students are an incredible bunch of people; many of them started as beginners to real estate investing and now, they are leaders and teachers to others.

A lot of the speakers I get have started where many of the attendants have been.

I’ve certainly discussed my previous profession in construction and how I got to where I am today.

And I’ve spent countless amounts of money trying to learn how the business works and more importantly, how to get my business to work in this space.

That’s what my Mastermind is all about and why I do them.

You don’t have to be one of my students to enjoy the content on my channel or my socials, but if you want to go further in your business, then find out if we’re the group for you.

And if you’re already a part of Subto, but you missed the last Mastermind or you’ve never been to a Mastermind, then sign up for the one that’s coming up in June.


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