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What is Subto? The Creative Real Estate Investor’s Guide to More Lucrative Deals

Let’s be honest – getting into real estate investing is a challenge; more than a challenge, it’s almost designed in a way to get beginners from crossing the barrier into it.

And it’s complicated.

Believe me, I know. I started real estate investing after a long career in construction, where I worked long hours and was taken away from my wife and family for long hours.

Like a lot of people, I wanted to find a way to make money while still being able to spend time with my family, while also doing something I would enjoy.

At my core, I’m an entrepreneur; I’ve gone through the trials and tribulations of growing a business, of going to every course, seminar, training, and what have you to learn the business and the industry.

And you know what?

In all of that, the one thing that I learned was all of these ‘teachers’ and ‘mentors’ weren’t actively in the area they were teaching.

They weren’t doing the kind of deals or had never done the kind of deals that they were teaching and they weren’t around after the course was done.

I wanted to change that.

What is Subto and What Does It Mean in Real Estate?

I have two definitions that I need to give you. First is the term ‘subto’.

Subto is an abbreviation of subject to, which is a creative financing method of taking over ownership of a property from a seller.

This is different from seller finance, where a property is bought from the seller using terms.

The second definition is the name of the course I teach – Subto.

Subto is a real estate education program that is focused on creative financing strategies, while providing training and mentorship to new and seasoned real estate investors.

While my program is called Subto, I do teach students about creative financing as a whole, as well as different fundamentals of real estate.

I told a great story when I was on Real Estate Disruptors with Steve Trang about how I was able to get my house through subto and how the seller gave me the idea for the icon I use for the program.

What is Included in the Subto Mentorship Program?

I mentioned earlier that when I first got into real estate investing, I did the other courses and training.

Guys, I spent a lot of money on these classes and while I learned a few things, a big takeaway was that none of the instructors were actually investing in real estate.

How can you properly teach a program – especially one that could potentially change people’s lives financially – and not practice what you preach?

That’s not what I wanted my program to be.

What Subto is:

  • Community of active, high-level investors and producers

  • Weekly calls, with me, to get your questions answered and work through challenges you’re facing

  • Dedicated modules focused on vital parts of creating your real estate investing business

  • The ability to THRIVE in creative real estate, with beginners and seasoned investors supporting you when you need it

Here’s the other thing – even when you’ve finished the course, it’s not a one-and-done deal.

In life, you are always learning and you’re always growing to learn more.

Students in Subto don’t stop learning – in fact, many of the students who were beginners when they joined have become teachers and leaders in their own right.

My students are continually teaching me something.

You can hear some of those stories on this page.

There’s one more benefit to my Subto program – while my students are growing their business and are able to find their successes, at the end of the day, we’re helping homeowners too.

The reason why creative financing is so effective is we’re able to help homeowners when they need it.

Sellers sometimes don’t have time to wait, they’re in a distressed situation, and they need to sell.

Creative financing not only allows for a faster turnaround, but gives them more money than if they were selling on the market.

And that’s the lowdown on Subto. I am incredibly thankful and grateful to my students and the entire community.

We literally have the best real estate investing community ever, hands down, and the amount of knowledge is astounding.

If you’re tired of the same ole REI training or you’re looking for a program and community that actually helps, then come join us and LET’S GO!


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