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What is the difference between the SubTo course and other real estate mentorships?

If you’re looking to build generational wealth that will provide security for your future, you’ve probably stumbled upon real estate investing.

Investing in real estate opportunities used to be a rich people’s game, , which made sense because you need money to make money. Those people had it figured out that instead of working every day for your money, your money should work for you every day.

Now, with this fancy thing called the internet, there are people who are teaching others how to make money in real estate without the blessing of being born into wealthy families.

Some of those things that people teach feel insincere, or maybe even like a scam. So, what makes SubTo different in a way that people actually want to participate?

What’s the SubTo community like?

First of all, every person I interact with in SubTo is amazing. They all come with amazing resources that they don’t keep to themselves, but bring them for other people to use.

Not only that, but the people who are taking my mentorship are so collaborative, they do deals with each other. Only a few people thrive in super competitive environments, so we come together to close deals instead of driving competition.

Heck, I even do deals with my students all the time to help share the wealth and help more distressed homeowners. We answer each other's questions and all learn from each other.

What’s the biggest difference between this mentorship and others?

Besides everything amazing about our community, and its huge reach into local markets, is the incredible fellowship.

I might have a good start in real estate, but I know there’s always more to learn. I’ve taken a lot of mentorships before, and the thing I see a lot is the platform of videos only.

They give you a bunch of videos to “learn” from and but there’s no guidance. You think you're getting a career and life-changing education, but where’s the built-in support to keep you motivated? And where’s the practical, real-life application?

I don’t want to knock the other people in this industry. I’m all about collaboration, not competition. But I do need everyone to know there’s an easier way to do this.

That’s why there’s a free Facebook page, a free newsletter with tips and tricks, and a whole mentorship with the largest community in real estate investment out there.

And you’re welcome to come learn with us… and change your life.


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