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What You Can Learn About Creative Financing Without Buying a Course

Breaking into the world of creative financing is possible to do without paying for a course.

Listen guys, I tell you all the time how you can get homes either for your personal use or for investing in real estate without any money down, without a mortgage and without interest.

I got into the world of real estate investing all by myself. I paid thousands of dollars for courses and one on one teachings to make my break. Sure, I paid for and took courses, but doing it on your own is possible!

It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but anybody who works hard can make it.

If you’re teaching yourself, you can learn:

  • The different models of acquiring properties

  • The different real estate professionals to work with.

  • The different investing methods.

  • Real estate jargon.

  • Different exit strategies for cash flowing properties.

I know you can do these things, because I did them too – I’m a smart guy, but there are geniuses out there waiting to be discovered!

My purpose in life is getting involved to help people change their lives. I’ve been given this opportunity that not a lot of people will ever get.

That’s why even though I have my SubTo course, I still offer as many insights as I can think of on my Youtube channel. In fact, I just marked the point where I have now posted over 1,000 videos for free to my Youtube channel.

The basics of how to get started are here.

It’s really as easy as what I said in the video. It doesn’t have to be this complicated process – it just requires a lot of hard work.

Now, the only problem with going at it alone means that you do it all alone.

While investing in real estate can be very lucrative once you’ve got the flow of things, it can be overwhelming. You’ll act as inspector, realtor, negotiator, contract writer, acquisitioner and everything else in between.

But you don’t have to do it alone if you don’t want to.

You can join the best community of people who are changing their lives, helping others and building a financial war chest for the future, you could join SubTo.

We offer step by step guides, bulletproof documentation that holds up in course, geographical support and Zoom calls to answer any questions you run into.

Besides the amazing group of financial investors that are currently in the community, we also give ever person who joins our course a Member Success Advisor who will greet you, guide you by the hand and be at your call for any questions or problems you encounter while getting your feet under you.

We’ve built the SubTo program this way because I want to do deals with you! If I can’t build a community of people who not only have the knowledge to be successful, but also have the portfolio to support their success then what am I even doing?!

I want you to be successful, happy and have a future worth working for.

Tap into our community and just message me on socials if you want to learn more, but don’t want to be convinced by some sales person.


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