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Your Friends Are Your Greatest Competition and Your Best Allies In Real Estate

The real estate investing space I first got invested in is a different world than what you can experience now.

When I first got started in the world of creative finance, you could be friends with your competition, but there was no doubt that the people around you were your rivals.

You could go out to dinner with these people who you were buddy-buddy with, but at the end of the evening, you could look around the table and be afraid to share what you learned about the market lately because it might be used against you.

In a lot of places you go to learn real estate right now, it’s the same way.

I started by taking by trying a few different mentorships that still left me afraid to take a leap because despite the huge price tags, I wasn’t sure I was getting the guidance I needed to not only get started, but to be successful once I kept going.

So when my team started SubTo, there were two things I knew I wanted to do differently.

  1. We were going to create a course that gave people the confidence to act to see results because it was going to be incredibly detailed and give them the documentation and step by step they needed to get going and keep going.

  2. We were going to create an environment that valued collaboration over competition.

The big problem I’ve run into over and over again in the real estate world is because we all face so much competition, anyone who finds a deal keeps it to themselves.

That’s a major downfall here.

In the SubTo community, you can mention a seller’s name, address, phone number and all the details you need help with without the fear that your deal is going to be taken away from you because everyone in this mentorship brings value to the table.

We teach that you are a giver first. You do not approach people asking for freebies, handouts or giveaways. Instead, you tell what you can offer, how you can help, what expertise you have, etc., and we all get a deal done that benefits everybody.

That may sound too good to be true, but that’s why we’re different. You can ask any of the members in our community what makes us different. The answer is the same every time: we help each other and bring value to other people’s deals.

We don’t compete, we collaborate. That’s why we get so many more deals done, no matter how the market shifts.


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