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How to Get Your First Subto Deal the Pace Morby Way

And I’ve totally told you how I’ve used both seller finance and subject to get a lot of deals in my own portfolio.

While that’s great and all, you might be asking, “Pace! How do I get my first subto deal?”

I answered this very question:

If you don’t know what subject to - or subto – is, it’s a process of buying a property.

Essentially, when buying a property, you – as the buyer – would take over the payments on that property, while placing your name on the deed.

Now, a lot of people get this confused – they believe that the deed and their debt (the amount of the loan payment) are the same thing.

They aren’t.

When I explain to people what subject to is, they think I’ll put my name on the loan and the deed; I’m not.

When you buy a subto home, the homeowner is still on the debt/loan; while my name is on the deed.

So, that's what subto is.

Now let’s talk about getting your first deal!

How to Get That First Subject To Real Estate Deal

Getting your first subto deal can seem daunting, especially for those who are just starting out for the first in real estate.

There are a lot of ways that you can find subto property deals:

  • Text messaging

  • Wholesalers & real estate agents

  • Door knocking

  • Probate attorneys

One of the biggest hurdles and challenges is the thought of having to call sellers and talk to them.

A lot of my students worry they won’t know what to say or how to say and of course, the prospect that a seller will say no to creative financing.

This is actually one of the reasons I do live seller calls so that people can see that talking to a seller isn’t as scary as you might think.

Even without adding a seller into the equation, you’re going to have to speak to people, on the phone.

This is where connecting with wholesalers, real estate agents, and probate attorneys is crucial. These guys and gals can help not only find, but connect you to sellers.

Now, I’ve talked about how you can find lenders to help finance a subto deal, but the same technique applies to finding these connectors.

Facebook groups and Meetups are by far the best place to find wholesalers and realtors, as they usually cover a wide range of locations or have a general location that works for you.

One thing I will say when it comes to getting your first subto deal, to go with the above, is to use connections and network whenever and however you can.

Look, you can go out and do everything yourself, but getting additional help from experts and people who know where you need to go is just smart and efficient.

If you’re getting ready to get your first subto or you want to learn how to effectively learn how to get better deals, let’s go. Come join us and let us get you that deal!


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