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How to make money during an economic recession

The harder you work, the more successful you’ll be, right? Wrong.

The honest truth is it’s not how hard you work, but how hard you work on the right thing.

You may not like it, but think about it – you believe that too. I’m sure there are people out there that have poured their heart into a business they really believe in, but if there wasn’t a market to sell to, the business would go under.

If I were a street vendor trying to sell popsicles in the winter in Alaska, would I be that successful? Nope.

Now, if I were in my home state of Arizona trying to sell popsicles in the summer, that’d be a different story. But my point is that unless you have people willing to buy what you’re selling, it really doesn’t matter how much work you put in – success isn’t likely to follow.

So, if the US is heading into a recession, we’re seeing a lot of people starting to freak out and scramble for a second or third job to put themselves in a good financial situation.

Especially coming off the tail end of a housing market where homes were selling for inflated prices that they may not be worth in the future, or maybe they’re not even worth that much right now! People find themselves with more debt than they fear they can pay.

Don’t fear a recession – make money the smart way

Instead of overwhelming yourself, your family and your schedule with a bunch of different jobs that you can’t balance just to make ends meet, get involved in good investments to make the money you’re so worried about.

Housing is generally considered a good investment because people will always need a place to live. Now, when people think about investing in property, they usually think about the BRRR method: buy, rehab the property, rent it out, refinance, repeat.

The BRRR method is dead.

Not only does the BRRR method usually involve a ton of work and capital to get involved in, it hardly ever ends in an actual profit being made. Trying to make money off the BRRR method will leave you burned as if you were working a second or third job.

Instead, I tell people to invest in properties using subject to or seller financing to start making money right now without credentials for real estate investment, without your own credit and without cash down.

And it works! It’s how I got my family into our current home. It’s what our community does all across the country every day. It’s how you work hard, but also work smart.

When people join the SubTo community, not only do I give them a step by step on how to set up their business for success in the future and a guide to finding and investing in real estate, but I also give them access to thousands of dollars of court-proven, bullet-proof documentation so you don’t have to pay for a lawyer to do it all for you.

So, maybe you should stop worrying about what might happen, and start planning for what will happen if you work hard for the smart thing.

You’d be making money in a recession and in any economic climate.


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