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How to Take Over A Mortgage to Buy a House

Maybe you haven’t gotten the memo yet, but there’s a way to get your hands on a home or even invest in real estate with no money down and very little interest.

Don’t believe me? What do you think I’ve been doing for years and shouting about?!


It’s called creative financing and depending on your seller, it’s an easy thing to do.

The Gist of Creative Financing

Basically, the scenario usually goes something like this: you need a house and somebody needs out of their house. In what world does it make sense to get a loan from a bank to pay off someone else’s loan?

If you do it that way, only the banks make money and everybody stays in debt.

Instead, you can approach a homeowner and agree on terms (like no money down and a fixed interest rate over a set amount of time). It doesn’t matter that “interest rates are rising” or “housing prices are going up.”

As long as the house is the price you both agree on, you make payments over time until the home is paid off and you own it (just like a mortgage, but you own the property and money goes straight to real people).

Now, wouldn’t you like to have a home that you can close on right now without a ridiculous down payment or interest rate and pay even less for it?

That’s what I teach with creative financing and buying homes subject to.

Now, pretend you’re Pace Morby.

I do this all day every day, but instead of putting my family up in a million different houses, I rent them out and make a profit. I don’t have to rip people off and make rent impossibly high because I’m not giving money to a bank and then paying myself.

I’m investing directly in property and paying it off. I’m giving people homes, making money and getting other people paid all while solving some serious pain points.

It’s really that easy – and you don’t even have to take my word for it. I’m just some skinny guy telling you about my business model, so what do I know?

Why don’t you look at my track record and the people who follow my method? They’ve got a lot to say about how creative financing or buying homes subject to and they’re not afraid to shout about it. Neither am I, but sometimes people don’t listen about what actually works just because there’s a “traditional way” to do things.

Did Steve Jobs do things the traditional way? How about Jeff Bezos? No? My bad.

All I’m saying is that finding out how to get property in your name right now is the smallest investment you can make – both in real estate and in yourself.


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