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What does Pace Morby do and how long does it take to get a return on creative financing?

I’m tired of banks scaring people.

Every time the government decides to raise interest rates or big businesses decide to raise their prices, normal people get scared and brace for the worst because they have no way to brace and feel safe if the economy takes a dive.

I want people to break free from the traditional financing system and start building their wealth now, so they feel safe and can provide for their families.

People who found creative financing have been able to revolutionize the way they buy homes, businesses, cars and everything in between. this approach to real estate investing allows people to purchase properties with no cash, credentials, or credit.

You don't need a high credit score, a large savings account, or even a traditional job to start building your wealth especially through real estate.

What exactly is creative financing?

It's a system that allows you to purchase properties through non-traditional financing, but especially subject to contracts and owner financing.

In simpler terms, subject to contracts means that you're buying a property "subject to" the existing mortgage on the property, meaning you're not responsible for paying off the mortgage. This allows you to invest in a property without having to come up with a large down payment.

Owner financing, on the other hand, means that the current owner of the property is financing the sale to you like a bank would, but you can actually negotiate a contract that’s best for both parties.

That means no high interest rates for you, and properties that cash flows into your pocket and your seller is happy because they make monthly cash flow too.

How long does it take to start making money on investments with creative financings?

Using creative financing, you can start investing in real estate right away, without having to wait for years to save up payments to afford investments. You can also avoid paying high interest rates and closing costs that come with traditional bank loans.

But that's not all.

With creative financing, you can also invest in multiple properties and grow your wealth quickly because you have more control over your investments, allowing you to make decisions that are best for your financial future.

If you're tired of buying through traditional financing and wasting your money on banks instead of growing your wealth and being comfortable and stable, it's time to join the creative financing revolution.


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