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What's An Actual Good Market to Invest in During a Bad Financial Market

I bet you’re tired of hearing about a recession. It stresses people out to have to plan for the “oncoming doom” that people are buzzing about.

Especially with anywhere near 203 million people in the U.S. living paycheck to paycheck, it’s scary to hear that you’re not only having to budget tightly for the future, but you’re stressed about being prepared for the future now.

Stop worrying about a recession.

I kind of wish people would stop talking about it in general, but there’s a reason I’m not freaking out and why anybody who’s willing to put in the work. This is a perfect situation for people who are willing to grind.

The market is set for success for:

  • Unconventional investment methods.

  • Investors who aren’t looking for major competition and prefer collaboration.

  • People looking to start investing with no cash, credit or credentials on the line.

I heard someone mention the other day that millionaires are made during recessions. That may be true, but it ultimately brings you back to the problem of stretching your money and being willing to take a hit now to make more money in the future.

Most people simply can’t afford that. If you’re grinding paycheck to paycheck, you’re way more worried about how you're going to feed your family and whether you can keep a roof over your head than if you’ll have gobs of extra money in the future.

That’s the mentality that’ll kill you in the long run, but keep you alive for now.

So, listen when I say now is the time to be investing in real estate.

When you acquire properties – be it single homes, apartment complexes, duplexes or even just land – through creative financing you don’t have to worry about major budgeting or paying back loans. Or ruining your credit if things fall through.

Real estate has been the tried and true money maker for decades even when the market “comes and goes.”

Think about it this way: the traditional way of buying property is qualifying for a loan and trying to pay it back plus interest over time. You get a traditional job with a steady paycheck to may sure you can pay the loan back.

People find themselves in hot water in times of recession or any other economic downturn when their cash flow dries up.

So, instead of depending on cash to come from somewhere else, why not buy the home without a traditional loan that shows up as a negative in a bank account somewhere? Why not approach the seller of a property and offer them extra money instead of an interest rate to act as your bank?

They make more money that way – even while you’re saving money and gaining an asset.

That’s the idea behind creative financing that the SubTo community are expert in. You and your sellers make more money in any market and banks don’t get the profits.

Plus, we have the bonus of actually helping people who are distressed and stressed out by the economy instead of trying to take advantage of them.


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