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What's the Benefit of Selling My Home Through Owner Financing

You would think I was kidding if you knew how much I want to buy your home for.

Every deal I do in real estate is in the realm of creative financing. I only do deals where I don’t put any of my own money down, but I pay the sellers, too.

That may sound like a contradiction, but as a home seller, creative financing helps way more than a traditional sale can.

If you need a recap of creative financing, the main two ideas are buying subject to or through owner financing.

If you sell your home through owner financing, you can negotiate the price you want that may be even higher than your asking price. You can also sell your home within your time limit you’re hoping for and no matter the market conditions.

Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not.

The reality of being a real estate investor doesn’t just mean that I’m buying homes and renting them out; I'm also selling properties all the time. Whether I’m buying or selling, I’m not touching a bank and I’m not looking at mortgages.

The benefit I see to me of selling homes I acquire through owner financing is that I’m not just doing deals that are one and done, I’m creating a constant flow of cash to set me up for life.

The other benefit I see is whether the market is up or down, if I’ve already sold, I have guaranteed money hitting my bank account every month. And if I’m looking to sell in a market like what we’re living in right now, I don’t have to worry about finding a buyer that will negotiate my price down to be able to afford the interest rates the banks are offering.

And I can sell to anybody. If they work for themselves but have the money – I don’t need W2’s; I’ll sell to them. If they inherited money that’s just sitting in the bank and can’t show a flow of money in; I’ll sell to them. If they need a bigger house than they can afford at the bank, but can afford with me; I’ll sell to them.

Owner financing puts the money in my bank when I sell, makes properties and homes easier for buyers to acquire and gives me more money than I would have got than asking the buyer to go to the bank.

Owner financing makes it easier for me as a buyer to get properties and as a seller to make more money and sell easier.

That’s what I’m doing all day, every day in creative financing. It’s what we do in SubTo. It’s what you need to be doing if you’re going to float in this market instead of sink.


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