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The Power of a Community Drives the Successes of the Individual

The difference between SubTo and other real estate mentorship programs is that we are a community, and not dependent on one on one mentorships.

Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying: you still get one-on-one help, but success at SubTo is beyond what a mentor can and can't remember to share with one person.

In SubTo, we encourage the members of our community to not only listen and learn from each other, but to work deals together. There's no better teacher than experience, trust me. And we don’t limit experiences to deals that only the individual can find.

A one on one mentorship with someone successful seems appealing to most people until you realize that the person teaching you – you know, the person who has all the experience – is actually a competitor, too.

Because of the type of partnership, collaboration and contracts we work on together in the SubTo community, no one gets shafted in deals. There is no competition here; everybody gets a piece of the pie.

Every once in a blue moon you find people who you can actually trust to work with you in business, but it’s a lot of trial and error.

Besides that, we do near daily calls to sit down and work on individual projects and deals together so you get the specific coaching you need to succeed, and other members of the community get to learn and offer help with your own deals.

It makes more connections in the real estate world so you make more deals.

And even when we’re not doing calls with me, we have local accountability leaders all over the country who know your specific market and how to succeed there. They’ll even team people together when they need help, but want experience.

They are even more invaluable than I am, because they’ve learned what I can teach them, but actually know the ins and outs of where you are and will communicate with you about how to get deals in markets I’m not even in.

So, if you’re thinking about getting involved in real estate investing, but don’t know where to start, you need to ask yourself if whatever community you’re considering joining is strong enough that even without your mentor, they get together to help each other out.

If the answer is no, then that’s not a real community. A real community is made up of people who were followers that chose to become leaders.

We lead and help each other here. Those who band together, win together. And you can be a part of it, too.


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